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• Answer the questions that are driving you crazy about your smartphone, tablet, camera, and computer. • Make you more creative and productive on your various devices. • Give you confidence in using technology. • Help you learn how to… ...

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What boomers say about BoomerTECH events & services

The retreat was the best thing since sliced bread. Anxiety-free, hands-on technology exploration in a relaxed and super-friendly atmosphere. I learned a lot more about my laptop and tablet than I expected and I will definitely sign up for another BoomerTECH Adventures retreat.

Stefanie Orono, ME

Our retreat was wonderful. Your staff are extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. All in all a relaxing and beneficial learning experience I would recommend to all.

John Orono, ME

Thanks to this BoomerTECH Adventures retreat I have been able to expand my working knowledge of computers—photo editing and sharing, internet searching, the interconnection between the iPhone and internet, how to download slides, YouTube, Google Hangouts, and much more. Although the learning curve was sharp the consultants made the content easy to understand and relevant to every participant. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge of all three consultants.

John Great Pond, ME

BoomerTECH Adventures Events

• Personalized to your needs • Low stress — high learning • Designed for you • Experienced guides • Opportunities to learn new skills • Meet new and interesting people

Ed at Senior Expo
Chris & Sue at Retreat #1
Jill helping at Freeport Expo 10.14